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History 1886 This place with town hall, belongs to the province of Guadalajara, from which it is distant twelve leagues; to the administrative area of Cífuentes, from which three is distant, and to ancient hearing and general captaincy of Madrid, from which twenty two is distant . It is placed on the foot of a hill called the Castle, in the left margin of the river Tajuña, and is much exhibited to intermittent fevers by the proximity to the river and moisture that he dismisses. It has parochial Church of entry dedicated to the Chair of San Pedro, approximately 56 neighbors, and school of both sexes, provided with 240 pesetas per year, and other law emoluments. Sacecorbo and Sotodosos confines his term, with those of Esplegares, for the E; with of Renal, for the O; with that of Canredondo and Torrecuadradilla, for S; and for the N, with of Short, being distant the one that more, one hour of I populate. water stated river Tajuña, that having his origin of diverse springs, which become detached of, the Maranchón saws Clares and Plum trees, passes for Luzón, and the Anguita jurisdiction goes out to the Sigüenza party for ; it leaves it then to penetrate in of Cifuentes, passing for the Town, which occupies us, and going out of divided by the Moranchel term, enters that of Masegoso, in of Brihuega, getting in the Pastrána party, where for Romanónes, Tendilla, Armuña to, Is frosty and Mondejar, penetrates in province of Madrid, for the party of Alcala; it bathes the terms of Pear trees and Morata, and after meeting the Henáres, goes to to drain off into the Jarama, in the diocese of Madrid, departed from Getafe. The river Tajuña is probably the one that mentions. Plutarch, recounting that Sertorio submitted the Caracitanos, wild Town, that he was living in huts, on this river. In his trajectory, it moves infinity of gadgetry, and in Abánades good baby goes fishing of trout, eels and crabs. To the S. of this Town there are two mounts, thicket one, and holm oak other; between both they compose approximately 500 grain measures, and in the whole term 900 are cultivated in two sheets: there is also something of pine grove, and a meadow which grass is gathered for the work cattle; area is rough, the bridle paths and places; his productions grains and vegetables, enough sheep are supported, and it does not have another industry than the farmer. Abánades, is distant of Sigüenza four leagues, has house rectoral, and belongs to arciprestazgo and center of Conferences of Hortezuela de Océn, where he meets with Luzága, Spanish Parliament, Sotodosos, Padila and Villarejo of Duchy.

Church of San Pedro: (Romanesque)
It is composed by seven arcades, of which the head office is the one that leads to the porch. The arches support in eight couples of capitals, most of them with thin vegetable decoration. Her arcade that leads to the porch is on a highlighted body. This one gallery porticada was damaged seriously during the Civil war. For fortune, subsequently, it was well restored by the architect Antonio Labrada. In the side west of the gallery opens a window to itself with interior effusion formed by four archivolts that they rest on jambs and columns of alternate form. Under this window, in interior of the porch, a Romanesque font has been placed. (to see web Juan Antonio olañeta) (to see web Juan Antonio olañeta)

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