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Adobes / Region: The Sierra-Molina




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949 841335

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History 1886


I populate of approximately hundred neighbors, placed in a high place, and in the middle of one it saws, circuido of pine groves, and abundantly in all kinds of firewoods: he is surrounded by the villages of Holes, Tordellego, Tordesilos and Alustante, and his mounts abound in all kinds of minor fighter, and animals harmful. It has a good parochial entry Church, with saint's title Cristina, and a Ntra chapel. Mrs. of the Solitude. It belongs to the province of Guadalajara, from which it is distant 27 leagues; to the administrative area of Molina, from which horseshoe of six hours separates a trajectory of ; to the arciprestazgo of Tordesilos, from which one league is distant, and to the center of Conferences of Alustante, that other one is distant . It has a regular house rectoral, and the productions of area, they are generate of agriculture, good wood of construction and thin grasslands for the wool cattle, much estimated in the Molina fairs, for the delicacy of his meats. It celebrates annually his holidays to Ntra. Mrs. of the Head and to Santa Cristina, and his inhabitants are simple and honest, but enough indifferent exactly to religion and beliefs, as unfortunately it happens with almost all the Towns of the dominion of Molina and province of Soria, for having to leave his solitary pine groves, and look in Andalusia for the sustenance, which denies to them the ungrateful soil, which saw being born. Adoves is distant from Sigüenza 16 leagues; it has to someone distances the titled flour mills mills, and in I populate, two good springs the source and the Cañuelo. Sigüenza, is his inscription hearing.



Adobes is a mountain Town who has his streets abalconadas and parallel. There introduces in him a length to us rail of good ironwork and small walls of stone. All one is a lookout towards the fields of plowing of the Tambourine and of the Pieces of land, them two fertile plains more important and nearby to the Town.

Art and Monuments:

Parochial church of Renaissance style with baroque reredos

Traditional holidays:

Popular holidays, on August 8

Principal Environmental Resources
Fauna and Flora:
• major and minor hunting Fauna
• garden Cultivation
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