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History 1886 This town, province of Guadalajara belongs to ; to the Cifuentes administrative area, and to ancient hearing and general Captaincy of Madrid, of whose points is distant respectively, eight, two, and 18 leagues. It is placed, next to the Sigüenza highway to Cifuentes, in high place, in limits of a raised area, beaten by all the airs that do his climate cold and inclined to pneumonia. His eighty neighbors in others so many houses of few elevation and without any serviceability, form several irregular streets and a square, and with some slope. She has a regular parochial Church, of the first ascent, with organ, dedicated to Our Lady of the Asunción, a contiguous cemetery to and he marries rectoral, legacy of a lady the latter years. There is also an ancient building called the Hearing, in whose center a headstone preserves with a lion rapante on the right side, for whose information is persuaded by the natives, that top authority was this town of on some other Towns of the province. In the outskirts, to 300 steps and to the N. is the Ntra chapel. Mrs. of the Solitude, and to the S. a source of little but good water, with which the local community is supplied for his domestic uses. The term, it possesses good mount, and Mirabueno borders on those of Cogollor, Springs, You them Hibernate, Masegoso, Almadrónes and Valderrebollo. The area, it is a mop, stony report, and soft part, of small it crumbles, and quite of dry land, made exception of a few huertecillos of small extension, which they take a shower with the surplus of the source. It produces grains, vegetables and wine, and in times it belonged to the Duke of Infantado. It corresponds to the Cifuentes arciprestazgo, and Cogollor assists to center of Conferences of Valderrebollo, with Masegoso, Springs, Yela and the Elm grove of the Estremo. It celebrates his annual holiday On September 14 to the Saint Christ de la Luz, and it is distant from Sigüenza, his hearing, four leagues.


Alaminos is an imminently agricultural Town, placed between fields of farming and areas of mount. The surroundings us provide beautiful walks along the Barren plateau and it is strategically placed in the center of 3 big populations: Cifuentes, Brihuega and Sigüenza. The walks on foot or in bicycle, adventure sports in the Tagus... are some of the activities that can be realized.

After "Pillories" emphasize what in the area there are named. The pillory of Alaminos is one of the nicest of the province and although the foot has been remodeled in a pair of occasions, the protagonist is of an enormous square that presents to us his church of more than 4 centuries ago.
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