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Alcocer is a child I populate of the province of Guadalajara. There is placed in the center of an important one dominion, the "Hole of the Infantado". This dominion enjoyed of big splendor during the Middle Age and came to his end at the end of the century XIX. Alcocer, since its own name indicates is a population or town of Arab origin. One does not know to true science if there was any establishment previous to the Arab. Nevertheless, in the outskirts of Alcocer has discovered Iberian, Celtiberian establishments and Roman. Alcocer was born so immediately after an Arab establishment, probably like house of farming that, later, spent to river Guadiela turned into fortitude to defend the step along the margins of .

There was lady of this town Mrs Mayor Guillén de Guzmán, lover of king Alfonso X before this one was taking in marriage Mrs Violante of Aragon. Fruit of this idyll was born, like bastard daughter, Mrs Beatriz, future Queen of Portugal. In recognition to the appreciation that don Alfonso was feeling for Mrs Mayor, there did delivery of an extensive one to him dominion that was including, between others, the towns of Cifuentes, Alcocer, Salmeron and Valdeolivas. Mrs Mayor never felt deserving of so high lineage, for it it did not marry don Alfonso X and it withdrew Alcocer where, in 1262, it founded the Monastery of San Miguel of the Mount. The above mentioned monastery encrontaba at least of half a league of the town, given the dangers that the religious ones were covering in a place so isolated, was moved inside the town in the year 1373. In his place they came religious from the order of San Francisco that they remained in until 1569, year in which also they changed to new built monastery of Our Lady of the Angels outside of the town.

Art and monuments:
• Parochial Church of the Asunción ("National Monument"):
she the Gothic style, although also it assembles Romanesque elements and Renaissance
• archaeological Remains, inside the municipal term, in " Arquillo", "The Millstone" and "The Peaks"
• Chapels of the Solitude, of the Vírgen of the Thorn-brake and of the Swamp (S. XVII) and of the Remedy
• nobiliary Large houses (XVIth to XVIIIth Centuries):De Calatrava, It Beats Them, The Illanes and the Shoe
• Ruins of the ancient Convent of the Nuns of the Order of St Clare (XIIIth Century)
• ancient Pharmacy

Traditional holidays:
Vírgen of the Thorn-brake (management Holidays. - On Third Sunday of September)
• "The Mayordomas" (Octave of the Corpus Christi).-San Roque

The cardinal Monument of Alcocer is, undoubtedly, his church parochial of Our Lady of the Asunción. Majestic monument of transition of the Romanesque one to the Gothic, with the peculiarity of having it plant of a cathedral in miniature. His tower, built on ancient Arab fortitude, yergue imperturbable presiding at the Hole of the Infantado. Province of Guadalajara is considered to be one of the best churches of and it receives the by-name, by no means exaggerated, from "The Cathedral of the Barren plateau"

Of what it was his wall today only traces stay and of his doors, that were four, stone does not stay today on stone. Four had earnings, the Millana door, that of Cuenca, that of Couple and that of Huete or "Alvar Fáñez" (he says the legend that this singular personage, cousin of the Brave man Warrior, was who conquered from the Moors the town of Alcocer). (ftes. to see links, wikipedia and Delegation of Cuenca)

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