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History 1886

This town; as almost all the Towns of Dominion of Molina, it would differ in his honesty and simple customs, not to be for the periodic emigrations, that for need, his inhabitants tackle every year, from which they bring, to the step, that some light help to attend to the cheapskate subsistence of his families, the heart poisoned with the ópio deadly of the impiety, which, undoubtedly, walks so abundantly, in those most fertile regions of Andalusia. Unfortunately to this there owes the indifference that is warned in them, and the propensity to vice, inebriation, etc. Otherwise it is a healthy Town, of airs the purest, thin waters, abundant firewood of fuel, and great wood of pine, which almost constitutes the average subsistence only one of those mountain poor. It is, nailed between the terms of Alustante; Piquéras, Airs, Checks and Traid, belonging, like them, to the province of Guadalajara, to the administrative area of Molina, to arciprestazgo from Tordesilos, and to the ancient hearing and captaincy general of Madrid, of whose four points, it is distant respectively, twenty-nine, four, three and thirty nine leagues. It checks, there is his center of Conferences, where he helps with Oréa and Chequilla: it celebrates annually his holiday to San Timoteo on August 22, and one has good parochial Church of the second ascent, with beautiful house rectoral, and garden inside her, To Which one of his rooms bends for a balcony of . The Church is dedicated to Santa Maria her Major, and it has also three chapels; one of La Soledad in the way of Piquéras; other one of Sta. Ann in the Czech's way, and that of San Bartolomé, constructed the latter years, in the Oréa direction. The Alcoróches town, for donation of infanta D.ª Blanca it corresponded to Fernán Saez, and later to the Molina dominion. It has schools of children and girls, and a species of abyss, which when it fills with water, puts the inhabitants in the biggest consternation: the water spreads over the Town, and although there are some meters, to few moments trasume, what makes believe that below the houses, there is some gigantic deposit that everything absorbs it. Them natives say that the above mentioned abyss, it drains off into the mill that they call of merlajón, placed between round Meadows and Castilnuevo. Alcoroches is distant from Sigüenza, 16 leagues. The industry of his inhabitants consists, in addition to the farmer and emigration to Andalusia, in court and wooden saw, which pines enjoy just reputation for his slenderness, whiteness and cleanliness, which is common to all those neighboring Towns. Also several objects of the above mentioned wood do, that they sell very cheap.



In wide vale that two escort serrezuelas loaded with vegetation and bosquedales ancient, it proves to be the Town of Alcoroches, between gardens and fields of cereal, with water for all parts Mention a special cave where the waters are gathered from the term and underground they walk towards the basin of the Rooster, appearing in Castilnuevo by the source of the Burbullón.

Celtiberian remains have found in strategic places of term. Although the name of the Town seems of Basque origin, his repopulation was done in the XIIth century, perhaps with nations of this one origin. In 1293, Mrs Blanca left in his testament this village of the Common molinés to his gentleman Lope García. This was one of towns with proper jurisdiction of the Dominion.

For the term of this municipality it thinks up the historical - Cultural Route and Tourist of the "WAY OF THE BRAVE MAN"

Art and Monuments:
• Parochial Church of the XIXth century
• typical Large houses molinesas
• "stone House", it is a housing excavated in a rock during twenty years for a neighbor of the Town

Traditional holidays:
• Management Holidays, On August 16

Most of his term is forest and minor and major fighter happens. As for vegetation the white pine happens or of Valsaín, in the face south, and holm oaks in the north part, in addition to Broom scorpia and cistáceas in the mounts near to the inhabited nucleus.

His economy is based fundamentally on the construction, cattle and agriculture.

His population increases greatly in summer. They emphasize in his gastronomy embedded like the blood sausage or the sausage, ham and the others meat products, like the kid roast or the lamb or in fish stew. Also they emphasize in confectioner's the rolls and new paragraph waters down, that for his altitude it is excellent. (ftes. to see links and Delegation of Cuenca)

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