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History 1886

This town, which means Cave, belongs to the province of Guadalajara, from which it is distant twenty-two leagues; to administrative area of Molina, from which four is distant; and to the hearing ancient and general captaincy of Madrid, from which thirty two is distant. It is placed in the shape of amphitheater, to the S. of a hillside a little rough, giving sight to the river Table, enjoying good ventilation and healthy climate. It has approximately 70 neighbors, and a parochial Church, rural of the second class dedicated to Sto. Domingo de Guzmán, whose major chapel, it is the most ancient; the rest of the Church, even choir and belfry, was built the year 1574: at the distance of 400 steps of the population, and to the left of the river, there is one, kidling Ntra chapel. Mrs. of the Albáres, ó of the walnut trees, which it already existed in the XVIth century and close to her, there are ruins of another chapel, whose antiquity makes to believe the natives, that this image was secret in time of the Moors, in a cave of, crags immediate: to it edged of the river, the debris appears still of a castle, which should have been of some consideration. There confines term, with those of Sisamón, Milmarcos, Labros, Amayas and Villel of this episcopate, and with that of Calmarza, which belongs to that of Tarazona. It comprises 950 grain measures of ground, and they bathe in addition to the expressed one river, several springs of thin waters, especially the called one Rebowl, which waters are used like medicinal to promote appetite. The area, it is very broken, except the small bank of I laugh, quo it is fertile in walnuts and some fruits, especially cherries: It raises also the term, romerales, many holm oak and acorn, grains, vegetables and in the Table, esquisitas trout. The parish has a good modern house, which although property of the Viscount of Town, it has transferred it for room of the parish priests: it possesses also orchard property of the parish. The year 1299, this town corresponded, to Gonzalo Funes, who was also a master of Villel; in 1476 to Iñigo López, master of Mocháles, who sold this dominion to D. Miguel Gotor, master of Calmarza, and lately Mr. bought it of Villel, where it remained up to the estinción of these institutions. It corresponds to the Milmarcos arciprestazgo, and he is present at the center of Conferences of Villel, with the nearby Mochales town. Algár, is distant from Sigüenza, his hearing, seven leagues.



Algar is last I populate of the province of Guadalajara in the vale of the Table, downstream. In certain occasion, and to to write about this surprising Town, I said that it was provocative, scandalously beautiful, and I think that I remained short in the appreciation. Algar of Table, the smallest of the three - others are Mochales and Villel - that shuts the vale up, a magnificent natural work is, in addition to Town, , a Town placed by the way for pleasure of the senses, I populate of design that the modern ones would say.

Art and Monuments:
•Iglesia Parochial of the XVIth century, it is provided with some altars baroque
• Examples of popular architecture molinesa with Aragonese influence

Natural places:
•Valle of the river Table

Fauna and flora:
• major and minor hunting Fauna, fauna piscícola
• Oak, pine, black poplar and aquatic species

The Vale of the Table possesses an enormous landscape attraction that is advisably to enjoy calmly not to lose the most minimal detail, for it it is very advisable to enjoy calmly for not to lose the most minimal detail, for it mountain is very advisable to continue them routes marked for fans to the senderismo and to the bicycle of . The lovers of the nature, of the sport and of the healthy life will turn out to be entirely satisfied in this environment.
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