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History 1886

It is placed in a high place, to the inclemency of all the winds being very frequent in him the exhalations and storms; and although his position seems flat, especially from the highway of Madrid to Barcelona, which next raisin, there is, without I impede the biggest slope to the later part of the Town, in whose hollow they have a short fertile plain, which, although he needs to take a shower, he might enjoy the benefit of the irrigation, with the small creek Vadiel, who is born there same. It has approximately ninety neighbors in others houses of ordinary and coarse construction, even the rectoral, which is quite bad, and some other, that D. Miguel del Olmo made build and The Riva, son of the Town, that the year 1654 was born, and was a gentleman of the Council of Castile, auditor of the Rattan, Inquiring of Lleréna and Toledo, Big Chancellor of Milan, general Vicar of the Government of Toledo, Archdeacon of Alarcón and Bishop of Cuenca. This Gentleman, left two scholarships provided in the Seminar of Sigüenza and the houses that to build ordered show in his fronts, beautiful coats of arms. From any point of the Town the famous High place saws are discerned King, the Ocejón hill being seen proudly é imposing. The Church parochial of the first ascent, dedicated to the Asunción of the Virgin, is a beautiful building, but it is deterioradísimo up to the supreme thing, it same that the vestry, the chapels of La Soledad and S. Sebastián, organ and the house rectoral. The Temple has three ships, a pulpit do I shoe the same that the verjado of the Presbytery and there possesses beautiful relics got into silver urns of figure of guitar, of way meter of height, gift of Mr. Said bishop. The Church has atrium and a small porch with four stones columns, and in interior, in addition to the High altar, possesses those of the Smo. Christ and Ntra. Mrs. of the Anxiety in the ship of the left, and in that of right, Ntra. Mrs. of the Rosary with Sto. Domingo de Guzmán and of S. José. The term borders on those of Aláminos, Argecilla, Mirabuéno and Mandayona and it comprises approximately 3.400 grain measures of ground. It has excellent springs, which in addition to providing the needs with the local community and his cattle, leave a surplus called the Large puddles, to water some pieces of vegetables and ordinary vegetables. area produces grains of unbeatable class, vegetables, something of wine of low quality and very few fruit and some nut. Almadrónes is distant from Sigüenza, his party and hearing five leagues; eight of Guadalajara his province, and eighteen of Madrid, his hearing ancient and general captaincy. The character of his inhabitants, generally speaking, is simple and honest, nevertheless what there publishes the reputation of this one and other Towns of the Barren plateau. It celebrates his holiday, to S. Quirico on June 16, guard Civil possesses house barracks of and it belongs to the arciprestazgo of Jadraque and to the center of Conferences of Argecilla, where he helps with Ledánca. The river Vadiel, later that waters the Almadrónes fertile plain, to make it same with the terms of Argecilla, Ledánca, Valfermoso of the nuns, Gajanejos and Utande, placed all in the same vale, as it is said also, speaking about Mandayona...



A major spatial closeness and also temporary it provides us the town Calcolítico de Argecilla, where the find of big sílex tools, they testify the poblamiento of the area does five milleniums.
But it is in the Roman epoch, when Almadrones opens to the History with capital letter. In the place, "The Majanares" a town is located Roman, where, till recently time, accumulated remains of rudimentary housings they could observe them . More important it was a find, in the proximities of the missing Chapel of Saints, of two funeral stelas belonging to high charges of the Roman militia.

Art and Monuments:
• Parochial Church (XVIth Century):
Open atrium. - Baroque Reredos. - They emphasize his reliquaries
and parochial cross. - Fresh air recently discovered in the vault of a ship
• nobiliary Large houses (XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries)
of the families Of The Elm tree and The Riva

Traditional holidays:
• Santa Julia y San Quirico (the First weekend of July): Mass, Procession and popular dances

Vírgen of the Rosary (the First Sunday of October)
• Carnivals (convalescent Holiday)

Natural places:
• "Source Below", "Source Arrives", "Source of the Salía" (it waters down salty) and Springs of "The Steady flows" and the "Source of Partridges"
• Birth of the river Badiel (Ravine)
• "The Real Gullies" (Galiana)
• Prairie of the Night dew. - Peak of the Tower (Lookout of the river)
• The Torrejones (twin rocks)

It is provided with a hotel complex in the same rim of the divided highway, giving all kinds services: hotel, restaurant, snack bar, petrol station... and that province is too known inside ours like km 103 or Antigua Sale of Almadrones.
Inside the urban center of Almadrones, the rural house is "The Trigales" of recent reshaping and starting for one young man of the Town. (ftes and text. to see links and Delegation of Cuenca)

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