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Palmaces De Jadraque


Palmaces of Jadraque


Palmaces of Jadraque / Region: It saws




Castile The Spot

Habt. / Ine 2004



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Square Christ Rey, 1

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949 892129


949 892129

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Palmaces De Jadraque

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History 1886

Called like that for distinguished from other about which one speaks in the Ist populate of Turmiél, it is placed on the foot of a saw, with cold climate, forming him approximately 90 neighbors, parishioners of one Parochial church of the first ascent, dedicated to the Nativity of Our Lady, your term, borders on those of Oak grove, Angón, Torremocha and Congostrina inside cuyá circumference, find the chapels of La Soledad y San Roque and several sources. The parish, it possesses house rectoral and the area takes part of lime and sandy; it comprises a mount of oak and holm oak, creek crosses His Hemp fields, and it produces all kinds of cereals and vegetables, and good grasslands for the cattle. It is distant five leagues of Sigüenza, his inscription hearing; eleven of Guadalajara, his province; three of Atienza, his party and twenty-one of Madrid, his general Captaincy. Hiendelencina is his arciprestazgo, and Congostrina his center of You confer, where he helps with San Andrés of the Canyon and The Tova. In Palmáces, there rises a famous saw, called a Castle of Iñesques, Hill of the Stones, Hill of Valdearenales, Canyon, Lookout and Monastery. It leaves to the left the villages of Medranda, The Tova, San Andrés and Veguillas; it forms a semicircle on Robredarcas, Seeds and Short sleep; it comes closer Palancáres; it turns towards Ordiál, continues between this Town and Umbralejo, and joins the saw of Tall King, between Aldeanueva and Valdepinillos. Of this saw, which begins in Palmáces and point that more comes closer Palancáres, one league is distant the lamoso hill Ocejón, the most raised of all them from this country consisted of slate quarries; the saw, which commences in this hill, sets off in the direction of NOT. it twists the N. and titled saw of the Marquess joins to .

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