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Pinilla De Jadraque


Pinilla of Jadraque


Pinilla of Jadraque / Region: It saws




Castile The Spot

Habt. / Ine 2004



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C/ The Source, 6

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949 892722


949 892722

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History 1886

Called like that for, to distinguish of two two following, of other two that exist in the province and diocese of Zamora; two in to province of Madrid; other two in that of Soria, Osma diocese; and three in the province and archdiocese of Burgos, is placed in a vale surrounded with high hills for N. and E. with moderate climate. Ascent has 60 houses and a parochial Church of the first , dedicated to. Ntra. Mrs. of La Asunción. The term borders on those of Palmáces, The Tova, Cendeas of the Tower, Medránda and Congostrina. Inside this circumference the chapel is of Ntra. Mrs. of La Soledad, six sources, the Saint's deserted place On Sunday, and a hamlet, which belonged to nuns calatravas those who moved to Madrid. The area fertilized by the river Cañamáres, is of good quality; it comprises a mount of holm oak and oak, and in shores of the river, there are black poplars and poplars. It produces grains, vegetables, wine, vegetables and fruit; in the river trout, fish are caught and eels. The parish possesses house rectoral, and corresponds to arciprestazgo of Jadraque, and to the center of, Conferences of Cendejas of the Tower, where he helps with Jirueque, Medranda, Torremocha and Negredo of Jadraque. It is distant nine leagues of Guadalajara, his province; nineteen of Madrid, his general Captaincy, four of Sigüenza, his hearing and administrative area. His school is provided with 260 pesetas per year.



Art and Monuments:
• Church of the Announcement, of Rural Romanesque style and construída in the XIIth century (restored)
• Cistercian Monastery of the Asunción (in ruins)

Traditional holidays:
• Saint Águeda
• Management Holidays

Natural places:
• River bed of the Rio Hemp fields up to the Pálmaces marsh
• The Vega in spring, summer and autumn
(ftes and text. to see links and Delegation of Cuenca)

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