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949 841345

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History 1886

 Town with proper town hall of province of Guadalajara, of the hearing of Sigüenza, of the party judicial of Molina and of general Captaincy of Madrid of whose points separate him respectively, the same distances, soon, that from Adoves, Alcoroches, Alustante, Tordellego and Traid, between whose Towns it is nailed. His parochial Church of the first ascent dedicated to Our Lady of La Asunción, it has wooden roof, an armonium, which does the organ times, and good sacred ornaments, bequeathed most, of a canon of Saragossa, son of the town. The parish, he lacks house rectoral, his plain one of both sexes is provided with 500 pesetas per year, marries and compensation.

To half an hour of the Town, the only chapel is that this one possesses, dedicated to San Fabián and Sebastián, and next she, the Piqueruélas deserted place, with his good source, in addition to others innumerable and rich springs of esquisitas you water down, that exists interspersed in the term. It has also a bridge financed for Mr. Stated canon, and two dam mills, one next to town and other in the place that call the bujeda.

It possesses beautiful pine groves, short and others you kill, and several places with foundations of soundness and remains of buildings, which denote to have existed there, different castles and entire Towns. The first ones the same there could be founded for Moors, that when the Castilians and Aragonese, had so many fortitude constructed , especially in the limit of these two kingdoms. This way one believed in a lot of time, until, in certain way, the year 1876 left of doubts, escavándose the place, which they call Scaffolding, and being bones and fragments of vessels and one currency of copper, where, with difficulty, the word could be read Rome. By this, then, it is inferred, that the above mentioned foundations and remains of walls and fortifications, must come from having existed in Piquéras, some Roman colony, and who knows if Towns would be some , although not so important as Numantia, in Soria and Sagunto in Valencia, that destroyers were burned by the flames of proprietor, then, and lady of the world? Nobody can assure it, because that itself happened to so much and so many other Towns of our nation, about which the history says nothing to us, for more, that although today should be buried by them in the dust of the negligence, in those bloody wars, they filled with glory and with kudos.

Placed Piquéras between a small creek, that divides it in two quarters, and slope of several hills, on hilly, arid and eventful area, and with cold climate, this town could justify that his term, it assembles all those beauties poetical that so inspiradamente transmitted the ingenuities to us ancient, where the sun rises for the horizon, filling space of living reflexes, of several tones; and it brings for flower of his pasture, for every sheet, for every shoot, a drops seasoning of I fall; that shine to the beams of the sun, the same as the pearls. flowers raise his stem and open his corolla to receive the breeze of the captivating mornings of spring; because as well as the dawn vivifies and makes the entire creation happy spilling to streams his light beneficial, the Piquéras soil, it spreads throughout streams of vegetation, happiness and luck.
All these qualifications, they correspond to Piquéras, and nevertheless that nobody remembers of them, he lives satisfied with his own beauties, that well deserve the name of poetic arts. There it is admired in winter, gross gelds of snow, which seems to serve to him as funeral cloak, and in summer, that one always greenish and perennial carpet, covered of thousands of flowers, full of accident, and overwhelmed under the weight of gigantic pines, which glasses shaken by the wind, now suffocate with his noise the croaking of the crow and the birds of prey; now they allow to stroll around the intelligence for unknown worlds, ó there already accompany them warbles of hundreds of avecillas, which go and he has singing and making his nests, them suspending from that green and perm branches.

It is not Holes, nevertheless an agricultural place; recoje some elementary products of agriculture and nothing more; but that is a Town whose grasslands and mounts synthesize immense wealth é inexhaustible if the use was well guided; a meeting of 90 neighbors, who live full of deprivations, along with a Potosí, which they do not know ó to exploit is not given them; a poor, miserable Town, in where the family father, does not live but half of the year, and in where the mother returns from the field to the prayers touch, covered with mud up to the waist, eager light under coarse chimney, her firelight, which has to wipe his clothes and his members, to give to the son of his soul, a tight hug, at the same time that it bathes with his tears, the forehead of the tender infante, who asks him for bread, and does not have to give to him … It Corresponds Holes to the Tordesilos arciprestazgo and to center of Conferences of Alustante, where he meets with Adoves.



Art and Monuments:
• Parochial Church, work of the XVIth century.
• Stone pavement of the main road, handmade work of the XVIIIth century

Traditional holidays:
• management Holidays from August 16 until August 17

Natural places:
• "The Scaffolding", place where there have found remains of others civilizations (ftes and text. to see links and Delegation of Cuenca)

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